Hospitality and Terraces.

Thanks to its innovative and elegant design, the ECOOL 5P Portable Ecological Evaporative Cooler is ideal for cool terraces, patios, and restaurants.

They work both indoors and outdoors.

The tables on your terraces will be full of customers even in the middle of summer at noon.



Our Eco Evaporative Coolers are especially recommended for use in Workshops, where the installation of traditional air conditioning is impossible, since they have a large entrance always open to the street.

All units are mobile and do not need any installation, to easily cool any area.

Aviation and Hangar.

Cool certain areas or the entire hangar.

Drive the fresh air inside the planes and / or helicopters.

Cool the area where the technicians are located for repair and maintenance tasks, both in industrial and private hangars.

Provides comfort and welfare to the workers.

Increase productivity safely in pleasant weather.



Sport and Fitness.

With our Portable Ecological Evaporative Coolers, you will cool gyms, pavilions and training areas in general. They work both indoors and outdoors; and provide freshness and welfare to athletes.

Events and Celebrations.

Have you already been in summer at an outdoor wedding? Give your guests and attendees freshness and well-being. Portable Ecological Evaporative Coolers are versatile and plug & play. You can use them in temporary installations, indoors and outdoors.


Industry and Factories.

Heat is no longer a problem. With the Portable Ecological Evaporative Coolers you can cool practically any area in any type of industry or factory.

It contributes well-being and security. Increase productivity in a pleasant environment.

  • Metallurgy
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Automotive
  • Textile
  • Plastic
  • Food.
  • Logistics
  • Courier

Farms, Stables and Livestock.

It brings well-being and freshness to your animals. Animals are very sensitive to high temperatures and providing a comfortable temperature is essential for their health.

With the Portable Ecological Evaporative Coolers, you will take care of the health of your animals

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