Benefits of an evaporative cooler

Obviously, when the hot season arrives, more and more companies, factories, industries and workshops choose to cool and improve air quality with a portable evaporative cooler from Esencial Cool.

Esencial Cool’s portable evaporative coolers provide effective, economical and natural air conditioning.

These ecological air conditioning systems have been used for decades.

It is a system that allows to renew the air in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Its electricity consumption is 80% lower than other conventional systems.

Benefits of a portable evaporative cooler

A portable evaporative cooler from Esencial Cool has many advantages.

  1. Functionality – It is a very functional system when it comes to cooling the air. It not only cools but also ventilates and cleans the air.
  2. Saving – It cools large areas with minimal energy consumption.
  3. Ecology – It does not use refrigerant gases. Cools naturally by using tap water.
  4. Versatility – Works both indoors and outdoors.
  5. Portability – You use it wherever and whenever you want.
  6. Maintenance – They require virtually no maintenance and access to the inside for cleaning is really easy and fast.


How does a portable evaporative cooler work?

Evaporative cooling does not use refrigerant gases.

The system absorbs the hot ambient air inside the cooler, through a powerful fan.

Some of the heat is absorbed by the natural evaporation process, as the air passes through special “beehive” type panels soaked with water where the temperature drops.

The system then provides us with a cool breeze.


evaporative principle-

Portable evaporative coolers cool practically any type of space.

It is very important to size the equipment to the spaces we want to cool.

It is necessary that, in these spaces, if they are not large, there is some kind of natural ventilation or renewal of indoor air.

In Esencial Cool we have a wide range of portable evaporative coolers suitable for every need.

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