Commercial Ceiling Fans for an Efficient and Comfortable Environment Throughout the Year.

Maximize Comfort and Efficiency with Commercial Ceiling Fans providing comfortable and healthy three-dimensional air.

In the commercial world, comfort and efficiency are key aspects to ensure a pleasant environment. Commercial ceiling fans have become an innovative solution to improve both air circulation and environmental quality in commercial spaces.

We offer a series of high-efficiency fans for places where there is not much installation space or where the area to be treated is relatively small.

With a single unit, we can cover up to 100 m2 with the equipment installed at a height of 4 meters.

AIRC Series: Flexible installation, suitable for multiple uses.

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Key Features of the Commercial Ceiling Fan.

Three-Dimensional Air Circulation

Provides a pleasant effect with total space ventilation, ensuring comfort and a healthy environment.

Energy Savings

Compliant with GB30253-2013 regulations and achieving Grade 1 in energy efficiency, resulting in economic savings for you.

Very Quiet

Natural airflow with minimal noise, allowing you to enjoy comfort and tranquility.

Practical Beauty

Features a one-piece design with wavy fan blades, offering a minimalist and elegant design.

Adaptability to Different Environments

Versatile for warehouses, gyms, restaurants, or industrial spaces, these fans adapt to various commercial environments. Installing them in high ceilings maximizes their effectiveness.

Health Benefits

Constant air circulation helps reduce dust accumulation and airborne pollutant concentrations, improving the overall air quality and benefiting the health of occupants.

PMSM Motor

The PMSM motor adopts an optimization algorithm to push material performance to the limit.

PMSM motor design ensures optimal temperature management, transmission efficiency, and structural design to reduce stress levels.

The connection structure has multiple safety measures to ensure the long-term safety of the PMSM motor.

Control System

Uses high-performance, high-frequency vector technology for smooth fan startup and noise-free operation. Equipped with long-lasting devices such as digital potentiometer, knob switch, electrolytic capacitor, and user-friendly operation for cost, effort, and time savings.

Fan Blade

The fan blade adopts an aerodynamic wavy design, with global designers contributing to achieving high drag capacity with minimal load.

SKF Bearings and Blade Ends

Equipped with reinforced SKF Explorer bearings. The blade end design enhances load capacity and reduces noise, significantly extending the machine’s operational lifespan





  1. Luxury and themed restaurants.
  2. Shopping malls, supermarkets, and grocery stores.
  3. Themed bars, leisure spaces, and interactive entertainment venues.
  4. Playgrounds.
  5. Exhibitions, museums, opera theaters, airports, and stations.
  6. Public leisure spaces, functional dynamic decoration.
  7. Gyms, fitness clubs, crossfit.

In conclusion, investing in commercial ceiling fans not only enhances comfort and efficiency but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and employee well-being. Explore their benefits and discover how these fans can transform your commercial space into a more pleasant and welcoming environment.

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