Refrigeración para naves industriales

Cooling for industrial warehouses

The correct cooling for industrial warehouses represents a significant challenge for many companies and factories.

There are alternatives to air conditioning.

The thermal stress caused by heat implies a loss of productivity and efficiency.

Heat affects both the productivity of workers and, in some cases, the efficiency of machinery.

On certain occasions, it may even affect the health of the workers.

Solving this challenge and having the proper cooling for industrial warehouses seems to be a complex issue.

At times, there are difficulties related to the initial economic investment.

We must not forget the cost of maintenance and operation of traditional cooling systems for industrial buildings.

Additionally, there are difficulties caused by internal sources of heat from production processes that hinder the achievement of the much-desired cooling for industrial warehouses.

In some cases, the warehouse’s roofing is not well-insulated.

Industrial plants sometimes need to have their doors open for the entry and exit of vehicles.

With the ecological evaporative coolers from Esencial Cool, we offer real, efficient, and effective solutions to the mentioned challenges.

Portable evaporative coolers do not require installation.

By not needing installation, we already have a significant initial cost saving.



Lower operating and maintenance costs

Lower operating and maintenance costs.

With evaporative coolers, the maintenance cost is significantly lower than that of traditional industrial air conditioning systems.

Esencial Cool’s evaporative coolers consist of a powerful fan, a water pump, and special evaporative panels.

The water pump is necessary to transport the liquid to the top of the machines.

For all these reasons, portable evaporative coolers require practically no maintenance.

It’s only necessary to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance during the colder months.

Open doors and windows.

Traditional air conditioning systems require the space to remain closed to recirculate the existing air.

Portable evaporative coolers absorb the warm air from the environment, pass it through special evaporative panels, and release fresh air.

Doors, windows, and access points can be open to allow for better air circulation.


Lower operating costs.

A single unit of a portable evaporative cooler can cool a space of up to 500 m2.

The electrical consumption of evaporative coolers is up to 80% lower than that of traditional air conditioning systems.

The savings are significant because, for their operation, they only require energy to power the water pump and the fan.

For example, the ECOOL 7P model can cool a space of up to 120 m2 with an energy consumption of only 0.2 kW.

The larger model, ECOOL 45P, can cool a space of up to 600 m2 with an energy consumption of only 1.15 kW.

Traditional air conditioning systems have a compressor that causes high electrical consumption.

Evaporative coolers cool the air adiabatically.

A natural, much more economical, and efficient form of cooling.

In conclusion, the best solution for the problems and discomfort caused by heat is Cooling for industrial warehouses.

When you receive Esencial Cool’s Portable Ecological Evaporative Cooler, you only need to add water, plug it in, and enjoy.

Cooling for industrial warehouses

At Esencial Cool, we offer a wide range of portable evaporative coolers suitable for every need.

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