Evaporative cooling or air conditioning?

What is the difference between air conditioners and evaporative coolers?

Many people believe that cooling technology is just that, cooling technology; and as long as the result is a cooler environment, it doesn’t really matter how you get there.

The reality is that the most effective method of cooling your immediate environment depends on a variety of factors.

While there are many similarities between portable air conditioners and portable evaporative coolers, there are unique advantages to using evaporative coolers versus air conditioners and vice versa.

This depends on your needs and circumstances.

Evaporative cooling is an adiabatic process.

Portable evaporative coolers are, in essence, a fan with a powerful motor, which uses water-soaked panels.

The fan provides an air stream by drawing in hot ambient air.

This air then passes through the wetted pads where the air temperature is changed and the air is cooled.

Finally, the cold air is expelled.

Portable air conditioners reduce the temperature of the incoming air by means of a compressor and refrigerant gas.

The portable air conditioner sends cold air to the place where you need it, but also emits hot air that must be conducted upwards or to a sector where there are no workers.

Portable Evaporative Cooling

– Evaporative coolers are excellent for cooling large areas.

– They are versatile

– Do not require installation

– Work both indoors and outdoors

– They are economical in use and operation.

– Energy efficient.

– They work very well in hot, dry climates.

– Produce fresh, clean air that circulates around the environment.

– They require very little maintenance.

– Environmentally friendly.

– Use water as a cooling medium

– They add fresh moisture to the air.

– Ventilation with exhaust fans or by opening doors and windows is essential.

– The outlet temperature depends on external factors such as ambient temperature, ambient relative humidity and existing ventilation.

– Maximum capacity of a single unit is 600 m2.

Portable Evaporative Coolers COOL-SPACE


Portable Air Conditioners

– Portable air conditioners are excellent for cooling certain workstations and/or machinery.

– They are versatile

– Do not require installation

– Work both indoors and outdoors

– They have a higher operating cost than portable evaporative coolers.

– Air conditioners are effective in any climate imaginable, both wet and dry.

– They use refrigerant gas as the cooling medium.

– Do not add moisture to the air.

– They work in closed environments (offices) and also in open environments (warehouses, workshops, etc).

– Real control of the outlet temperature. Up to 12 degrees less than the inlet temperature.

– Air conditioning units have higher emissions compared to other cooling systems.

– Maximum capacity of a single unit is 80 m2.

Portable air conditioning

In conclusion.

Evaporative cooling or air conditioning?

Evaporative coolers produce a thermal jump and depend on external factors.

With air conditioners you will have total control of the temperature.

If your workers are dispersed or you need to cool large spaces, portable evaporative coolers are undoubtedly the best choice.

On the other hand, if you have to cool specific and limited workstations, you can use both evaporative coolers and air conditioners.

If there is no ventilation or the ceilings are low, you should use portable air conditioners.

In most workplaces, both solutions would be appropriate.

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