Industrial Wall-Mount Fans and Beam-Mount fans: Power, Durability, and Efficiency for Industrial Environments.

In the dynamic industrial world, the need for efficient and reliable ventilation is crucial. An excellent solution emerges with industrial wall and beam fans, offering a perfect combination of power, durability, and efficiency to meet the demands of industrial, commercial, and manufacturing environments.

These fans are designed to unleash exceptional power, consistently moving large volumes of air. Their ability to improve circulation and air quality makes them indispensable allies in industrial settings.

The distinctive feature lies in their wall and beam mounting capability, optimizing the use of vertical space. Many models offer features that allow precise direction of airflow. This directional control capability provides flexibility to adapt to specific ventilation needs in designated areas.

Most Industrial Wall-Mount Fans and Beam-Mount fans offer variable speed options, allowing adjustment of airflow according to changing requirements. This versatility adds an additional level of adaptability to their operation.

From warehouses and factories to gyms and workshops, these fans demonstrate their versatility. They are the ideal choice for improving air quality in various industrial applications.

Many models are designed with a focus on energy efficiency, providing benefits in both performance and long-term operating costs. A comprehensive solution that balances performance with sustainability.

Ideal when ceiling installation is not feasible, this smart design ensures efficient air distribution. With a robust structure and durable materials, these fans withstand adverse conditions and continuous use.

Furthermore, the durability of their construction ensures a prolonged lifespan and reliable performance in challenging environments.



This fan model is designed to be mounted on walls or beams. It features 6 blades and a 2-meter diameter, capable of moving substantial amounts of air with the precision to be directed towards the desired location.

These units are manufactured in steel, making them resilient and durable, capable of operating in highly demanding situations.


Benefits of Industrial Wall-Mount Fans and Beam-Mount fans

  • High Air Volume. Can cover large distances of up to more than 24 meters.
  • Directional Adjustment. The fan’s direction can be adjusted from a single anchor point to target specific areas.
  • Energy Savings. Offers excellent performance with just 0.55 kW of power.
  • Speed Control. The PMSM motor driving the blades has a continuous VFD control that is easy to operate for regulating speed.
  • Water and Dust Resistant. The equipment has IP55 protection, allowing it to work in humid environments and can be easily cleaned with water.

This Industrial Wall-Mount Fan and Beam-Mount Fan, the AIRF20, provides an efficient and versatile solution for spaces requiring effective air circulation. With its durable construction and advanced features, it is well-suited for demanding industrial environments. The ability to cover large areas, coupled with energy efficiency and ease of control, makes it a valuable asset for various applications.”


Applications of Industrial Wall and Beam Fans

Sports Industry

Fitness centers, gyms, athletic training stadiums.

Transportation Hubs

Airports, high-speed train stations, bus stations, metro stations, ship docks.

Recreation and Entertainment

Large amusement parks, zoos and arboretums, children’s recreational areas.

Commercial Spaces

Exhibitions, duty-free shops, car showrooms, large markets, supermarkets.


Atriums, villas, restaurants, museums, outdoor activities.

These industrial fans are versatile and find utility in a wide range of settings.

Whether enhancing air circulation in sports facilities, maintaining comfortable environments in transportation hubs, providing cooling in commercial spaces, or contributing to the pleasant atmosphere of recreational and entertainment venues, the wall and beam fans offer efficient and adaptable solutions across various industries and applications.

Their ability to cover large areas and provide directional airflow makes them valuable assets in creating comfortable and well-ventilated spaces.

Low Maintenance

Their robust design minimizes the need for constant maintenance, ensuring continuous operation with minimal disruptions.

In summary, industrial fans are valuable allies in improving working conditions, increasing efficiency, and promoting a healthy work environment.

Investing in these devices not only benefits employees but also has a positive impact on the profitability and sustainability of your business.

Refresh your spaces and elevate your productivity with the power of industrial fans!

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