Natural cooling for pets and animals

As temperatures rise every summer, we are concerned about the well-being of our pets and animals.

This concern is shared by pet owners as well as by owners of farms, stables and kennels.

If enduring high summer temperatures is difficult for humans, imagine how animals suffer.

The question of how to prevent heat stress in pets and animals, is very recurrent every year.

At Esencial Cool we have the solution

A portable evaporative cooler from Esencial Cool, placed in a well-ventilated area, allows our pets to stay safe and cool.

Heat affects different animals in different ways.


Since dogs do not sweat, their bodies rely on panting to control body temperature. In extreme heat, their bodies can quickly overheat.

Certain breeds such as  the Siberian Husky, obese dogs or those with certain medical conditions are more prone to heat stress and even heat stroke.


Cats are highly prone to heat stress.

High temperatures cause a great risk to the animal’s health, which can even be fatal.

We must consider that a cat in heat will only secrete sweat from its pads and cool itself by licking or panting.

Cats have serious difficulty regulating their body temperature.


High summer temperatures can affect horses in several ways.

Horses can lose a lot of water through sweating and breathing, which can lead to dehydration.

Also, horses can suffer fatigue, lethargy and loss of appetite due to excessive heat.

On the other hand, hot, dry air can irritate horses’ airways and worsen pre-existing respiratory problems.

In addition, horses’ skin can become irritated and develop blisters due to sweating and sun exposure.

It is important to keep horses hydrated and protected from direct sunlight and provide a cool, ventilated place for them to rest and shelter from the heat.


High summer temperatures can be detrimental to cows as they can suffer from heat stress, which can affect their milk production and fertility.

Cows are thermoregulatory animals, so when the ambient temperature is very high, they have to work harder to keep their body temperature within a safe range.

This increases their metabolic rate and requires more energy and water, which can decrease their milk production and fertility.

In addition, excessive heat can cause dehydration, which can increase the risk of infection and illness.

Therefore, it is important to provide cows with a cool, shady place to rest, as well as fresh, clean water in sufficient quantities.

It is also important to monitor their health status and provide medical attention if necessary.



Pigs are animals that do not tolerate high temperatures well and can suffer serious consequences if they are not properly cared for in summer.

Some of the negative effects pigs can suffer in summer are:

Pigs can suffer rapid dehydration due to sweating and elevated ambient temperatures.

Heat stress is a response of the body to high temperatures that can result in health problems, such as respiratory problems, digestive problems and reduced meat production.

High temperatures can cause pigs to become tired and weak, which can increase their vulnerability to disease.

In addition, high temperatures can also cause temporary blindness in pigs due to dilation of blood vessels in the eyes.

It is important for pig owners to take steps to protect their animals from the negative effects of summer, such as providing shade, cool water and an adequate diet, as well as monitoring their health status closely.



Tips to keep your pets cool this summer.

No matter how hot it gets outside, your pets can stay cool.

– Schedule the least hot times of the day for walks.

– Watch for signs of heat stress such as heavy panting, hypersalivation, staggering or weakness.

– Know when to stop. If your dog has symptoms of heat stroke, put him to rest in the shade and give him cool water.

For both outdoors and indoors, a great way to cool pets and animals is to use portable evaporative coolers from Esencial Cool.

These devices provide natural coolness, as they do not use any type of refrigerant gas.

We are sure we have the right model for you, your pet and/or your animals to have a safe and cool summer season.

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