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Do you know where we can use portable evaporative coolers?

A portable evaporative cooler from Esencial Cool does not require any installation.

They are plug & play units.

To cool an area you only need a little tap water and be connected to an outlet.

Its consumptions are very economical, both in terms of water and electricity.

Therefore, an Esencial Cool portable evaporative cooler is relatively easy to move from one work area to another.

In fact, all models have casters for easy mobility.

The easy portability and compact design make the portable evaporative cooler indispensable in situations where heat fluctuations occur.

Use the device in a section of the factory where heat is regularly generated

Use these adiabatic air conditioners in locations where a manufacturing cycle is generating substantial amounts of heat and little or no ventilation is available.

Scheduled activities vary in certain environments, resulting in the need for more cooling at different times of the workday.

An interesting example is an assembly line.

An assembly line can change modes of operation depending on the items on the conveyor.

Esencial Cool’s portable evaporative cooler can be moved and/or rotated to cover the workers and machinery in that area of the factory.

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Evaporative Cooler for large spaces

Where else can we use portable evaporative coolers?

We can also use them in greenhouses and animal farms.

They are even ideal for the hospitality industry.

They can be used both indoors and on terraces.

To use evaporative coolers in restaurants and/or bars it is very important that there is ventilation in the premises.

On the other hand, in terraces, we can turn it on and position it to cool the tables where the customers are.

Let’s think of a car repair shop.

The mechanic can move around to repair the various cars.

The operator can move the portable evaporative cooler with him to cool the area where the car to be repaired is located.

They are also great devices for hangars.

Hangars that have their huge doors open in the summer can use portable evaporative coolers to cool down the environment and refresh workers..

Other places where we can use Esencial Cool portable evaporative coolers are, for example, gyms, stables, playgrounds, steel mills, textile factories (they also provide humidity), to cool outdoor events and concerts, logistic warehouses, in the food industry, etc.

They are also environmentally friendly devices that do not harm the environment.


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Range of portable evaporative coolers

In Esencial Cool we have a wide range of portable evaporative coolers suitable for every need.

Contact our specialists.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information and help you find the right solution for the problems caused by heat.


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