Aire acondicionado portátil AC2700

AC2700 Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioner designed to immediately cool any place, no installation required.

It offers 2 power speeds.

It uses R290 refrigerant gas.

In addition, it has a compressor overload protection system with delayed shutdown program.

It also has a motor designed to prevent overheating.

It also has 360-degree swivel casters with integrated brakes.

Its light and handy design offers great versatility for use in any type of room or area.

It has a safe electronic control box: anti-combustion and anti-explosion.

Compact design with air-cooled condenser and evaporator, suitable for supplying fresh air directly to the room or channeling the conditioned air output to a distribution duct.

The duct can be adjusted at all angles.

The maximum length of the external duct is 5 meters.

AC2700 portable air conditioner, is the practical solution.

It is the solution to the discomfort caused by heat in workplaces, mechanical workshops and welding shops.

In addition, they are ideal for those spaces where production processes are carried out.

You can also enjoy them at events, fairs, terraces and restaurants.

They can also cool offices, computer rooms and stores.

Aire acondicionado portátil AC2700-taller

Specification of the AC2700 Portable Air Conditioner

Cooling Capacity 2.700 W (2.320 Frig/h)
Operating Voltage 230 V
Electrical Power 950 W
Cooling Capacity CEEe 2.84
Cooling air flow rate 460 m³/h
Maximum static pressure 10,2 mm H2O
Air velocity at outlet 7m/s – 9m/s
Cold air flow range m/s 4 m
Temperature difference cold inlet-outlet de -8°C a -11°C
Inlet-outlet temperature difference condensation de +7°C a +12°C
Recommended volume de 40 a 90m³
Working temperature/humidity 18 °C – 60%H.R. / 45 °C – 40%H.R.
Ecological refrigerant R290
Condensing air flow rate 990 m³/h
Condensate water tank 5 L
Condensate pump included No
Ø of cold air outlets 1x Ø 125mm
Ø of Condensing air outlet
1x Ø 170mm
Max. length of cold air pipe 3m
Max. length of condensing air duct 3m
Sound Level 55 dBA
Weight 42 Kg
Dimensions 405x430x855 mm


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