Advantages of the Evaporative Coolers.

An evaporative cooler draws in warm air, forces it through the humidified panels and expels cool air.

The evaporative pads are soaked by a stream of water, which is usually located at the top of the portable evaporative cooler units.

Adequate amounts of water are released over the panels, keeping them moist.

Excess water is in turn collected at the bottom of the machine and pumped back into the system.

A water supply hose can be connected to the evaporative unit or water can be fed into the reservoir manually.

Evaporative coolers are great for cooling a work area or an entire industrial building.

They are also very cost effective and consume very little energy.

An evaporative cooler also gives you fresh, clean air to breathe.

The drier the air, the better an evaporative cooler will perform.

An evaporative cooler can reduce the temperature of a room by up to 12 degrees.

It also provides you with a cool breeze, making it very effective in hot, dry temperatures.



Menor coste de funcionamiento y mantenimiento.

How can you save money with an evaporative cooler?

Since the fact that these units are very economical compared to traditional air conditioning systems, they are virtually maintenance free.

Also, due to their very low energy consumption, you will see virtually no change in your electric bill.

These units are also environmentally friendly.

In addition, they are safer than most alternative systems, as they do not require refrigerant gases that are harmful to health and harmful to the ozone layer.

With the technological advances that are seen on a daily basis, evaporative coolers are becoming increasingly efficient, as well as extremely popular.

These advances also make these systems more cost-effective and safer.

Because they consume very little energy, you won’t need any special installation, which means they can be plugged into any electrical outlet.

Now that you know the Advantages of the Evaporative Coolers, put tap water on it, plug it in ….. and enjoy.




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