evaporative principle-


ECOLOGICAL EVAPORATIVE COOLING is the most efficient and effective way to cool spaces.

It is the best alternative to traditional industrial air conditioning systems.

The first thing that comes to mind when we need to air-condition an area or a certain place are traditional air conditioning equipment.

There is also innovative equipment, which based on very old concepts, allow us to cool from small spaces to large areas.

This equipment works both indoors and outdoors, and they cool in an environmentally friendly, responsible, efficient and effective way.

Our products are equipment that cool in a similar way to industrial air conditioning, but without generating any type of greenhouse gas.

On the other hand, its energy consumption is very low so that it’s cost of use is also very low.

The Portable Ecological Evaporative Coolers are, in essence, a fan with a powerful motor, using water-soaked panels.

The fan provides a current of air by drawing in warm ambient air.

Then this air passes through the wet panels where the air temperature is modified and it cools.

Finally, it gives us cold air.

Due to their versatility, portable ecological evaporative coolers can be used in the most varied locations.They refrigerate industrial buildings, factories, mechanical workshops, hangars, stables, animal farms, farms, gardens, gyms, restaurant terraces, etc.


Eco Evaporative cooler for workshop

Evaporative pads.

Ecological Portable Evaporative Coolers use evaporative pads.

Evaporative pads are diligently crafted with corrugated cellulose sheets, impregnated with resins and bonded together.

These special evaporative pads, thanks to their design, provide us with freshness and well-being in the most efficient and effective way possible.

For the manufacture of evaporative pads, we use the highest quality raw material

We also include the thickest virgin kraft paper with a greater application of resins.

These special evaporative panels are the best option on the market for ecological evaporative cooling.

At the top, the Portable Ecological Evaporative Coolers have a perforated plastic bar for water distribution.

A water pump pushes the liquid upwards so that it reaches the perforated plastic water distribution bar.

The water then falls evenly on top of the special evaporative pads and soaks them.

The water runs down through the pads

A portion of the water evaporates to cool the environment and another portion of the water returns to the bottom of the portable ecological evaporative cooler.

Once there, back in the tank, the water pump recirculates the water.

The water pump returns the liquid to the upper part of the machine to be redistributed through the special evaporative pads.

If the Portable Ecological Evaporative Cooler is continuously fed with water, the part of the water that evaporates is replaced as it is consumed.

Certainly, if you don’t want to be hot this summer, you should use and enjoy a portable ecological evaporative cooler.

Provides freshness and well-being.

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