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What are the Environmentally friendly Evaporative Coolers?

Esencial Cool’s environmentally friendly evaporative coolers are equipment that provide coolness in those spaces, external or internal, where the use of traditional air conditioning is impracticable for technical and/or economic reasons.

Using an ancient Egyptian concept of cooling, the ecological evaporative coolers work through an advanced and innovative system.

They use only tap water and electricity.

They are very practical and very versatile.

Esencial Cool’s portable ecological evaporative coolers do not require any type of installation to start them up.

Just add water, plug them in and enjoy.

Also, they cool hot spaces both indoors and outdoors.

Are the Ecological Evaporative Coolers portable air conditioners?

No, Esencial Cool’s Ecological Evaporative Coolers are not portable air conditioners.

The main difference is that they do not use greenhouse refrigerant gases, therefore, they are green and environmentally friendly.

With Esencial Cool’s Ecological Evaporative Coolers you can cool the most diverse spaces in which they have a more than proven effectiveness.

Use them in factories, industries, car workshops, hangars, tents, events, restaurants, terraces and even in the garden of your home.

What do I need to do to store and preserve the Ecological Evaporative Cooler during the winter?

It is essential to store the machine clean and dry.

It is necessary to drain the water and dry the inside of the machine.

Once it is dry we must clean it with usual cleaning products.

Finally we must cover it with plastic or a cover to keep it clean during the winter.

What should I do if my Ecological Evaporative Cooler does not emit cold air?

The first thing to do is to check that the evaporative pads are wet.

For the evaporative adiabatic process to occur, the pads must be wet before the fan turns on.

If they are dry, check that the water pump is on.

Some models have a valve to manage the water flow. Check that this valve is open.

Check that the unit’s water tank contains water at an adequate level.


Climatizador evaporativo ecológico - terrazas

What is the difference between “Ecological Evaporative Cooling” and “Water Misting Systems”?

The “Spray Systems” or misting spray water into the environment, thus humidifying the space, and making the people or objects surrounding the units wet.

Esencial Cool’s Ecological Evaporative Coolers cool the environment by means of an evaporative adiabatic system.

They do not spray water droplets and therefore do not get people or objects around them wet.

Esencial Cool’s Ecological Evaporative Coolers provide us with fresh air, without water droplets, without mist and without getting wet.

What can I do if my new equipment does not smell good?

In some cases new units do not smell quite right.

After a few days the odor should disappear completely.

In the case that the unit is not new and at the moment of turning it on it generates odor, there is a high probability that algae or bacteria have developed inside the unit, usually due to an accumulation of humidity or poor maintenance of the unit.

The way to solve this issue is to perform a proper cleaning of the machine and if necessary replace the evaporative pads.

To solve the odor in a timely manner, you can put a capful of fabric softener in the water tank.

How often should the special evaporative cooling pads be replaced?

The life of the special evaporative cooling pads depends on the environment where the Ecological Evaporative Cooler is used, the hours of daily use of the machine and the measures taken for its preservation.

The lifetime of the special evaporative cooling pads is estimated between 3 and 5 years.

How long will the water in the tank of a Portable Ecological Evaporative Cooler last?

If the unit is not connected by a hose to a continuous water supply, as a result of the evaporation of the water used to cool the environment, the water tank will empty over a period of hours.

The water in the tank of a portable ecological evaporative cooler lasts between 4 and 8 hours.

Several factors influence water consumption. The location of the machine, the power used, the external temperature and the ambient relative humidity directly influence the duration of the water in the tank.

Likewise, the evaporation rate will vary depending on the temperature and relative humidity present in the environment.

It is recommended that the unit be connected to a tap and/or continuous water supply.

In addition, the portable ecological evaporative coolers have a float that regulates the water inlet when the machine’s tank is filled.


Enfriador Evaporativo Ecologico - Almacén logístico

Ecological Evaporative Cooler in Logistic Warehouse

How much humidity is produced by an Ecological Evaporative Cooler?

The ventilation of the site, the size of the space and the size of the units used will determine the humidity increase.

It is estimated that this increase will be between 2% and 5%.

If the portable eco-friendly evaporative coolers are sized and used correctly, the humidity increase will be virtually unnoticeable.

If I add ice to the water tank, will the Ecological Evaporative Cooler cool more?

Definitely, the colder the water is, the more effective the Environmentally friendly evaporative coolers will be. Therefore, after having carried out several tests we can affirm that if we add ice in the water tank of the machine the cold produced will be higher.

Environmentally friendly evaporative coolers

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