Limpieza Climatizador EvaporativoHow to winterize your Evaporative Cooler

Fall has come

We are already thinking about heating and we must store the portable and ecological evaporative coolers of Esencial Cool.

We must do it in the right way, so that we can have them in perfect condition for the next hot season

If you want your Esencial Cool portable and ecological evaporative coolers to have a longer useful life, you should follow the following tips.

In addition, taking care of them correctly during winter will make you have them ready when spring/summer seasons arrives.

Likewise, you will instantly be able to enjoy the well-being that the maximum performance of these adiabatic air conditioners gives us.

Evaporative coolers require very little maintenance.

The most important aspect is to keep them clean before store evaporative coolers in winter

Correct cleaning is essential in a maintenance program to have your adiabatic air conditioner in its maximum operating condition.

We recommend that you use soap and a stiff brush to scrub the surface of the tank so that it is completely clean

You will also prevent dirt from affecting the drainage system or clogging the cooler unit in future use.

You must be sure to remove all lime stains and sediments that remain inside your Essential Cool portable evaporative cooler.


How to winterize your Evaporative Cooler

  1. Unplug your unit.
  2. Drain the water from the tank and clean it.
  3. Dry any remaining water droplets and make sure the panels and tank are completely dry.
  4. Bundle the power supply cord.
  5. Completely cover the unit with plastic or cloth to prevent dust from accumulating on its surface.
  6. Store the evaporative cooler in a dry place.



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