Evaporative cooling sustainable and economical

In working environments, every effort is made to take into account the comfort of the personnel.

For high productivity, it is necessary to provide the right conditions for workers.

Thermal comfort is essential.

To lower the temperature, I have seen how many factories and industrial buildings use fans.

But on very hot days, these fans only remove the hot air.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account that it is not only climate change that affects us; machines also produce heat in industrial facilities.

The hot environment needs an active solution to drastically improve cooling.

That is why it is essential to use portable evaporative coolers as a dynamic means to solve the discomfort caused by high temperatures and to provide a comfortable working level.

Esencial Cool evaporative cooling units are the most efficient when it comes to cooling large spaces with very low energy consumption.

The portable evaporative cooler employs the same principle used since the time of the ancient Egyptians.

It passes a stream of air through soaked panels, so that the air is cooled and gives us freshness and well-being

evaporative principle-

How does a portable evaporative cooler work?

The device sucks warm air from the environment by using a powerful fan.

This hot air passes through special panels soaked in water.

It then blows the cooled air out through the evaporative pads.

It is simply the laws of physics.

The cooling action is achieved by placing a cooling medium between the powerful fan and the fast moving air.

This medium is a mechanical circulatory system filled with water supplied by the heart of the device.

Evaporative cooling sustainable and economical

But it is the ecological effects of the device that stand out above the engineering aspects.

Esencial Cool’s portable evaporative coolers consume very little electricity.

Their industrial design focuses on quality construction and sealing, reducing maintenance.

With portable evaporative coolers, we apply cooling theory older than the industrial age itself.

We also increase productivity in a very efficient, effective, sustainable and economical way.

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