How does adiabatic air conditioning work?

Adiabatic air conditioning is very suited to the dry climate and will provide relief cooling in humid regions.

Adiabatic air conditioners cool by natures very own method of evaporation and can be likened to a sea breeze.

How much cooling is possible?

A precise answer to this question is not always possible as there are many conditions that effect the operation and performance of the adiabatic air conditioner.

As the process of cooling is a natural method reliant on temperatures and humidity the amount of cooling an adiabatic air conditioner will produce will be a variable.

Simply put the hotter and dryer the climate, the more cooling can be achieved.

There will be some days when you will notice a large temperature difference between

inside and out and some days when you will notice very little difference, this does not mean your adiabatic air conditioner has a fault or problem; it is simply the conditions of the day and the operational limitations of adiabatic air conditioning.

evaporative principle-


What sort of comfort conditions can be expected?

Adiabatic air conditioning provides comfort conditions.

Comfort is defined in a number of forms, temperature and air movement, both of which are important for adiabatic air conditioning.

Adiabatic air conditioning will provide a temperature drop, sometimes large and sometimes small as well as providing air movement.

Air movement to expel the heat from an area and air movement across your skin are very

important factors of comfort conditions.


How does adiabatic air conditioning work?

Remember, adiabatic air conditioning will raise the humidity level, but with cool air, high humidity is not uncomfortable and personal comfort will still be experienced.

Everything living, plants, animals, humans all need moisture in the air and adiabatic air conditioning provides this.

Certainly, if you don’t want to be hot this summer, you should use and enjoy a portable ecological evaporative cooler.

Adiabatic Air conditioning

Provides freshness and well-being.

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