VENTILADOR_INDUSTRIALIndustrial Ceiling HVLS Fans for an Efficient and Comfortable Environment Throughout the Year.

Do you have an industrial warehouse, storage facility, or a large space that requires a robust approach to climate management? Introduce powerful Industrial Ceiling HVLS Fans into your environment for an effective and efficient solution.

With the impressive reach of these large fans and their robust design, you’ll achieve pleasant climate control in an eco-friendly and energy-efficient manner.

Summer: Smart Usage for Cost Reduction

With Existing Climate Control:

If you have air conditioning or climate control systems in your facilities, you may experience high energy costs during the summer. The solution: installing ceiling-mounted industrial fans can generate significant savings, reducing the electricity bill by 25/30%.

Without Existing Climate Control:

In the absence of climate control systems, the installation of industrial fans can lower the perceived temperature by 5 to 8°C, providing an effective and economical solution to maintain a cool environment.

Winter: Breaking Stratification Barriers

With Existing Climate Control:

During winter, heating systems can cause thermal layering, concentrating heat at the top of the facility. This is where ceiling-mounted industrial fans come into play, eliminating this phenomenon and homogenizing the temperature throughout the installation.

Using the fans below 30% of their power maximizes energy savings, reaching up to 25/30% on the electricity bill.

Spring and Autumn: Efficient Comfort

During these moderate seasons, where temperatures range from 20 to 34°C, industrial fans are an effective alternative. If you already have climate control, you can do away with it and drastically reduce costs.

In the absence of climate control systems, the installation of fans offers an affordable solution to maintain a comfortable environment.



EUR Series Industrial Ceiling HVLS Fans: Efficiency and Performance

Aerodynamic Design

The EUR series stands out for the aerodynamic design of its blades, minimizing resistance and efficiently converting consumed energy into kinetic energy.

Wide Coverage

Capable of covering expansive areas, these industrial fans generate a thermal sensation reduction effect in areas up to 3 meters in height and 40 meters in diameter per unit.

Energy Efficiency

Thanks to aerodynamic blades and an innovative motor with a maximum torque of 260 Nm, these fans can move larger volumes of air at lower speeds, achieving a 30% energy saving compared to other models on the market.

Models and Features of the EUR Series


More Benefits: Significant Energy Savings

Consumption Comparison

A 7.3-meter fan from the EUR series covers the same area as 50 fans with a 0.75-meter span.

Over 10,000 operating hours, the energy savings reach an impressive 92%, as our equipment consumes 15,000 kW/h, while the 50 smaller fans would consume 180,000 kW/h.

Increased Comfort with Industrial HVLS Fans

The industrial fans in our EUR series move large volumes of air at low speeds, providing a much greater comfort sensation compared to smaller fans operating at high speeds.

With the EUR Series, you not only save energy but also enjoy a more comfortable and efficient environment!


  • Logistics Warehouses
  • Gyms
  • Stadiums
  • Sports Pavilions
  • Exhibition and Convention Centers
  • Farms, Stables, and Animal Breeding Facilities
  • Hangars
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Airports and Public Transportation Stations



In summary, industrial ceiling fans prove to be valuable allies in enhancing working conditions, increasing efficiency, and fostering a healthy work environment.

Investing in these devices not only benefits employees but also has a positive impact on the profitability and sustainability of your business.

Discover the power of the impressive Industrial Fans from the EUR Series and take climate management to new heights in your industrial facilities. Power, efficiency, and comfort, all in one package. Optimize your space today!

Refresh your spaces and boost productivity with the power of industrial fans!

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