Environmental benefits of using evaporative coolers. Do you know them?

More and more companies are opting for the use of materials, air conditioning equipment and various devices to make their facilities and buildings sustainable and energy efficient.

One of the devices that many are investing in today are evaporative coolers.

Evaporative coolers are special cooling solutions that can provide cool, fresh air to a specific location or area.

The operating principles of evaporative coolers are simple.

Through their fans, they typically draw in hot air from outside and transfer it to special evaporative wet cooling pads.

As the hot air interacts with the pads, the temperature of the hot air decreases.

The freshly cooled air is then transferred and sent to a specific work area, ensuring that workers can feel comfortable and at ease.

We also avoid the risk of incidents and accidents due to heat stress.

Despite the absence of refrigerant gases, evaporative coolers can keep factories, machine shops and industrial buildings cool.

Theyevaporatives coolers can even contribute to the preservation of the planet.

Once you maximize the use of evaporative air conditioning in your facility, you will reap the environmental benefits detailed below.

Use of natural processes

One of the main environmental advantages of using evaporative coolers is that they rely on natural processes to produce cool air.

As mentioned above, evaporative coolers do not use refrigerant gases or other similar elements.

Instead, they use an adiabatic cooling process to produce cool air.

Therefore, compared to other cooling solutions, evaporative coolers can provide natural fresh air without using harmful synthetic elements and without damaging the environment.


Principio de refrigeración evaporativa ecológica


Reduction in the use of refrigerant gases.

Traditional air conditioning equipment uses refrigerant gases to produce cold air.

Although today these refrigerant gases are being modified to make them safer and more environmentally friendly, evaporative coolers are still the most environmentally friendly, thanks to the absence of refrigerant gases.

The absence of refrigerant gases prevents evaporative coolers from producing chlorofluorocarbons and hydrofluorocarbons, both of which are known to affect the ozone layer and damage the environment.


Pollutant reduction

Traditional air conditioners can provide the cool air needed inside a commercial or industrial building, but may not have the capacity to filter it thoroughly.

Evaporative air conditioners, fortunately, are equipped with special panels that not only cool the air, but also clean it of pollutants.

Once the warm air interacts with the special evaporative pads, pollutants such as dust and dirt are captured.

In this way, the cooled air is cleaner than before passing through the equipment.


Reduced energy consumption

Another environmental benefit of using evaporative coolers is that they can reduce energy consumption.

Compared to traditional air conditioners, evaporative coolers do not have to use much energy to be efficient and operational.

Air conditioners consume up to 10 times more energy than evaporative coolers.

Obviously, the use of evaporative coolers is much more economical than the use of air conditioners.

This represents, nowadays, a huge saving for companies.




In conclusion, the environmental benefits of using evaporative coolers are the reduction of the use of refrigerant gases, reduction of air pollutants and savings in energy consumption


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