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How does heat stress affect workshops?

A workshop is not designed to be a comfortable place.

It is a practical facility, designed around the need for cars to get in, get out, and have access to all relevant parts of the interior.

Concrete block walls, metal ceilings and other low-cost construction options make the machine shop a very hot place, in the summer.

As temperatures rise outside, they can get even hotter inside.

At times, the temperature inside a machine shop can be as much as 7 degrees higher than the outside temperature.

Neglecting the comfort of mechanics can have serious consequences.

Loss of focus and productivity

When the temperature rises, it is difficult for mechanics to concentrate.

The mind begins to wander and even people who normally work solidly during the day begin to lose focus on their work.

Under heat stress, auto shop mechanics may repeat steps or skip crucial steps in procedures they usually know by heart.

This forces them to take much longer to complete routine tasks, which drastically affects your shop’s productivity.

 Critical errors

As attention becomes distracted, mechanics are more likely to make mistakes.

Some studies show that workers can make up to 12 times more errors at high temperatures than at more comfortable temperatures.

For an auto mechanic, these mistakes can be costly and dangerous.

If you find the error in your shop, the cost may only be in money, supplies and time.

If your customer breaks down or has an accident due to the error, the cost can be even greater in terms of customer goodwill, your store’s reputation and even liability.


Fainting and inability to work

Sometimes, the temperature in a workshop is so high that workers simply can’t work.

This can force a shop to close and tell its customers that repair will not be completed on schedule.

Other times, a workshop may choose to stay open despite the heat.

When the temperature rises too high, auto mechanics can suffer even more serious consequences.

Operators may strain themselves so much that they end up passing out.

Once this happens, a mechanic can be in grave danger.

Sometimes they may recover, but other times they may have to be hospitalized if they develop heat stroke.

Some mechanics never recover from this.

Enfriador Evaporativo

A portable evaporative cooler is the right solution for Your workshop.

To avoid the effects of heat, you may have tried several solutions for your workshop.

You probably know how effectively air conditioning works in the office, where there is a small, enclosed area for the air conditioner to concentrate the cool air.

However, an air conditioner is an unfeasible solution for a workshop.

Workshop doors are usually open, which would let much of the cold air out.

Many workshops rely on fans, but these do little when the temperature rises.

Sweat is the only effective way for the body to release heat at high temperatures.

A fan can help with this, but it doesn’t help much when you’re wearing work clothes, and every bit of exposed skin is covered with oil and dirt that prevents sweat from evaporating.

A portable evaporative cooler is an excellent way to cool the air in your workshop.

Even in hot and humid conditions, an evaporative cooler can reduce the air temperature by 6 degrees in humid climates.

In hot, dry climates, it can lower the temperature by as much as 12 degrees.

That’s a big benefit.

In addition, an evaporative cooler’s powerful fans can circulate cooled air through a large space, expelling hot air quickly to create a comfortable environment.

Also, a portable evaporative cooler of Esencial Cool can be moved to provide cooling where it is needed most at all times.

This is why many automotive shops and factories have chosen Esencial Cool as their summer cooling solution.

Do you already know how does heat stress affect workshops??


Enfriadores Evaporativos para Talleres Mecánicos


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