Do you know what maintenance is required for portable evaporative coolers ?

When the performance of portable evaporative coolers decreases, the presence of heat is felt again.

This means that the temperature reduction is being restricted by an obstruction in the water flow.

Another reason may be due to the aging of the evaporative cooling coils.

It could also be because the fan rods have loosened or some other easily solved problem.

But don’t worry, restoring this fresh air flow is solved with a simple maintenance action.

On the other hand, access to the portable evaporative coolers is very simple and easy.

They can be accessed in a matter of seconds

Tips for use and maintenance of evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers work almost anywhere.

However, they perform better and last longer when the air is balanced.

With proper ventilation, we can limit the humidity of the refrigerated interior spaces.

It is also important to size evaporative units correctly.

In evaporative coolers that have a stopcock to regulate the water flow, we must ensure that the amount of circulating water is adequate.

If there is an excess of water and/or humidity, the panels become too soaked and water droplets may be expelled.

On the other hand, the cooling element is tap water.

This water will cause problems if it is too hard or full of impurities.

Hard water blocks the hoses and tubes, clogs the system and prevents the liquid from reaching the evaporative pads.

There are compounds that can be placed inside the water tank that act as a preventative against limescale and other impurities in the water.

In places where the water is extremely hard, a filter can be used at the liquid inlet

Also, on a frequent basis, the water tank can be emptied and the scale embedded in the casing can be scraped off.


Limpieza Climatizador Evaporativo

When winter comes and it is time to store the cooling equipment, it is very important to empty, dry and clean them; so that they are ready for the next warm season.

If you have any issue or you see that your portable evaporative cooler is not working properly, contact us. We will be happy to help you.


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