Cooling for industrial warehouses

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Cooling for industrial warehouses The correct cooling for industrial warehouses represents a significant challenge for many companies and factories. There are alternatives to air conditioning. The thermal stress caused by heat implies a loss of productivity and efficiency. Heat affects both the productivity of workers and, in some cases, the efficiency of machinery.

Evaporative cooling in the prevention of occupational risks

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Evaporative cooling in the prevention of occupational risks. We can obtain significant benefits with evaporative cooling in the prevention of occupational risks. We must avoid operators experiencing thermal stress. The health and well-being of workers are fundamental principles and pillars in occupational risk prevention programs. Current legislation repeatedly refers to this topic. It is necessary

Environmentally friendly evaporative coolers

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What are the Environmentally friendly Evaporative Coolers? Esencial Cool's environmentally friendly evaporative coolers are equipment that provide coolness in those spaces, external or internal, where the use of traditional air conditioning is impracticable for technical and/or economic reasons. Using an ancient Egyptian concept of cooling, the ecological evaporative coolers work through an advanced and innovative

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