evaporative_cooler_esencial cool_evaporativoEvaporative coolers – a fresh air flow

Evaporative cooling dates back to ancient Egypt, perhaps even further.

In those days, when the heat became unbearable, commoners hung wet blankets over open doors and windows to cool the breeze that blew into their homes.

Wealthy Egyptians would have their servants fan them over pitchers of water to create a cool breeze.

The air was cooled through the water and this kept the air moist thus providing a cooler effect.

Society then switched to using fans to cool themselves and create a breeze, but as time went on and technology advanced, air conditioners were introduced.

The difference between what the Egyptians did and what we use today is that our cooling systems are electric and manual labor is no longer necessary.

The other difference is that air conditioners dry the air as they cool it and our fans basically just circulate the air in a room.

So how can we get that same pleasant coolness that the Egyptians knew?

It’s quite simple, as you can have a perfect cooling experience with evaporative coolers.

These cooling systems use the same principle of cooling air through water. This is especially useful if you find yourself in extremely dry climates.

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Have you ever felt the coolness that invades you when you get out of a swimming pool and the wind meets your wet skin?

You will agree that it is surely a much cooler sensation than when you sit in front of a fan on a hot summer day.

The sensation you’ve had is the same effect that an evaporative cooler has.

In addition, Esencial Cool’s portable evaporative coolers are very cost effective and use much less energy than traditional air conditioning systems.

They are also environmentally friendly and work perfectly in most regions.

Evaporative coolers – a fresh air flow

Take a look at our wide range of eco-friendly evaporative coolers and find one that suits your needs.

Now that you know how Esencial Cool evaporative coolers cool, you can get your hands on a unit and start enjoying fresh air instantly.

If you want to cool an industrial building, a factory, a car workshop, a hangar, a garden, a terrace, etc.; contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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