Environmentally friendly evaporative coolers

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What are the Environmentally friendly Evaporative Coolers? Esencial Cool's environmentally friendly evaporative coolers are equipment that provide coolness in those spaces, external or internal, where the use of traditional air conditioning is impracticable for technical and/or economic reasons. Using an ancient Egyptian concept of cooling, the ecological evaporative coolers work through an advanced and innovative

Where can we use portable evaporative coolers?

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Do you know where we can use portable evaporative coolers? A portable evaporative cooler from Esencial Cool does not require any installation. They are plug & play units. To cool an area you only need a little tap water and be connected to an outlet. Its consumptions are very economical, both in terms of water

Evaporative cooling or air conditioning?

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Evaporative cooling or air conditioning? What is the difference between air conditioners and evaporative coolers? Many people believe that cooling technology is just that, cooling technology; and as long as the result is a cooler environment, it doesn't really matter how you get there. The reality is that the most effective method of cooling your

Evaporative coolers – a fresh air flow

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Evaporative coolers - a fresh air flow Evaporative cooling dates back to ancient Egypt, perhaps even further. In those days, when the heat became unbearable, commoners hung wet blankets over open doors and windows to cool the breeze that blew into their homes. Wealthy Egyptians would have their servants fan them over pitchers of water

Advantages of the Evaporative Coolers

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PORTACOOL JETSTREAM 250 - PACJ250 Advantages of the Evaporative Coolers. An evaporative cooler draws in warm air, forces it through the humidified panels and expels cool air. The evaporative pads are soaked by a stream of water, which is usually located at the top of the portable evaporative cooler units. Adequate amounts of

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